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The video gives a good description. I have a few of these available. I never got around to selling them before so I am clearing them out. The e-kit alone cost $770. These are for that $770 kit with the TTX as shown in the photo. So, it does not inlcude the board. This DOES include a bushing kit and a regular TTX axle. So, it can be run as a regular TTX too. 


Note this is intended for someone that is experienced with E-boards that has good knowledge of wheels drives, and a compatent mechanical tinkerer too. My hope is that someone do a good job integrating this and share their learings with the community.


One more cool fact is that the battery is just under what is permitted by airlines. So, you can bring this on vacation or work travels. I used it for week long business trip and was able to avoid getting a rental car. It worked well.


I have the soilver ones all made up. Adding $40 if you want me to swap out to black.



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