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Advice for G|Cycling – the “chopping” of an existing deck.

We are proud to be part of bringing new life to an old deck with the addition of our brackets. We call the process G|Cycling but many refer to it as a “chop”. If you go this route, note that the deck will need to be modified to accommodate the brackets. Specifically, the deck will need to be shortened to maintain the proper flex. If it is not, the deck will flex too much. It is a good idea to plan to keep the wheelbase close to the original deck.


These comments also are intended to be a guide for those constructing a platform from scratch.

  • The bolt pattern for the bracket/deck interface is new school and about 7/8" in from the end of the deck. This measurement is approximate and dependent on the geometry of the shock pad used at the bracket deck interface and the bottom edge of the deck.

  • 26" to 28” long platforms with 9.5" width are a preferred by many in the LDP community. This popular size is a good fit with the brackets. For this size deck, here are some general guidelines to get a nice flex to complement the brackets. For an all wood deck with 7 to 9 plies, plan on around about .5" thick.

  • For good composite decks, plan on around .4" to .45" thickness.

  • Because the brackets load the deck in a non-traditional way, a good robust deck lay-up is recommended.


Finally, to get a functional and aesthetically pleasing design is not trivial. Deck shaping takes craftsmanship. Peace of mind and taking your time is recommended. G|Bomb is happy our brackets are part of your project. We want to do all we can to have your G|Cycling project turn out to be a great ride with a great look.

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