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Bracket Overview

The patented G|Bomb DDS (Deep Drop Stubby) and DDR (Deep Drop Regular) brackets have the advantage of permitting truck angles to be adjusted to optimize the tilt/turn ratio. These brackets comfortably accommodate the largest of wheels due to ample clearance. These brackets also provide the comfort of the G|Flex that is designed into the tapered and flowing curves of the brackets. The geometry provides a unique flex to smooth out higher frequency vibrations from rougher surfaces but still provide optimal platform rebound for pumping. The DD brackets are the choice of many elite world class riders when touring and competing. Adrian Oh has taken his DD through 29 countries and over 20,000 km. The versatility of the brackets make them suitable for either the front or rear of a system. Note that the stubby DDS permits wedging only and is usually used for the front of the deck. The DDR permits wedging and de-wedging of truck angles and is usually used as a rear bracket.


Our front fork bracket, the SDF, is designed to be used with a Bennett style TKP truck with soft bushings, and 70 mm to 90 mm wheels. The SDF can also be coupled with cast RKP (Randal) or CNC RKP (Poppy) trucks, but more attention needs to be paid to wheel bite when using these RKP style trucks. The fork is intended to tuck the truck in close to the deck to optimize pumping leverage and wheel clearance. 

The TTS and TTA are zero degree options for the rear of the deck. These are the lightest zero degree "trucks" available. These brackets provide torsional return (spring back) of the deck but are non-turning brackets. These zero degree tails are geared high and intended for pumping at speeds around 12 to 14mph. The TTS is constructed of spring steel and is a great value and a best seller. The TTA is constructed from the aerospace aluminum alloy that aircraft frames and spacecraft are made.

The composite series are the newest members of our G|Bomb bracket lineup. All of our Composite series feature up to 30 degrees of adjustability and can be run as either a front or rear bracket. All our composite brackets are between 50% and 75% lighter than our aluminum series brackets.


The Glass Drop uses a fiberglass composite and comes in either the Fatty or Skinny version and is a great way to get high performance on a low budget. 

The Carbon Feather uses a carbon fiber composite that is stronger than the aluminum alloy used in brackets and weighs in at only 150 grams! That's 50% the weight of the DD brackets. The feather is available in the natural carbon finish or in bold red with the carbon trim where the bracket has been CNC machined.

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