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G|Bomb distance skateboards are deck and bracket systems that provide several advantages over traditional single piece decks for LDP. The advantages include infinitely adjustable truck angles, ample wheel clearance, modular design for travel, and improved flex distribution for superior strength and smoother ride.

Our deck and bracket designs allow for the use of extremely responsive truck and bushing systems at a lowered platform height. When a G|Bomb deck is configured with an extremely responsive front system and less responsive rear system, the resulting performance enables LDP "pumping". This type of riding is shown here. 

Look like fun? We enjoy this type of riding where the rider propels themselves by shifting their weight as they enter and exit a turn. Learning it takes some practice, but once mastered, the motion results in a very fun and rewarding riding experience. Many first-time G|Bomb riders are surprised by the responsiveness of a G|Bomb system, but after the muscle memory adjusts, they find they never want to go back to an under responsive deck for commuting and distance skating.

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