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Infinity Bolt use and care.

A note regarding our infinity bolts. Please take care not to over-tighten the infinity bolts and to use them only with properly sized clearance holes for 10-32 screws (diameter of .201" or 13/64"). The result of over tightening, and/or over-sized clearance holes, is that the surface of the fastener becomes cupped and the fit becomes compromised. A general rule for getting a good, and consistent, torque is to tighten about 1/4 turn past the initial snug engagement. Note this rule is a generalization.

Packaging and Assembly

Our decks are shipped partially assembled. Shipping this way saves on packaging and weight. The assembly is straight forward with industry standard hardware. Here are the specifics. Attaching the brackets requires a 3/8" wrench. An adjustable or 10mm wrench will also work.


If any of our products do not meet or exceed your expectations. Please contact us at and give us a chance to make it right.

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