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X24 Platform

X24 Platform


The X24 is laid up from robust 7 ply Canadian Maple. The layup has black stained plies on the top two, and bottom two, plies. A clear coat finish keeps out moisture and adds some shine to highlight the grain. A classic and elegant Longboard deck.  Simple, compact, light, portable, and cost effective. At 24 inches it still has plenty of space for the widest of stances and larger feet. Maple is the constant in longboard deck construction because it has stood the test of time and proven itself as the perfect balance of weight, reliability, and other material properties. Flex is medium lively. Weight is light at just over a kilogram (2.3 lb).


Pro tip. Since the Longboardplatform is 60cm (23.6 inch), the glass drop brackets can be easily removed and the system legally meets the requirements as carry-on luggage on most, if not all, airlines. Don’t forget your skate tool. You may find yourself riding through the terminal on your X24 to catch your next flight. We dare you, but we won’t cover your bail if you end up in airport jail.


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