Push|Pump X28 with Fork Front


Is this the most responsive, comfortable, and reliable distance deck around? We believe so, and lots of G|Bomb riders agree. The iconic name says it all…a balance of pumpable and pushable distance fun. Our Xylem 28 maple ply platform paired with our SDF front fork and our DDR rear bracket. A match made in heaven. The maple ply platform has stood the test of time and proved to be among the most reliable and robust distance platforms available. The natural xylem fibers provide a lively flex, and also a dampening of those annoying high frequency vibrations. Artificial, high strung composites like glass and carbon don't dampen so well. Check out the video for what is possible with this deck.


Complete components include.

Bennet Vector 5.0 front truck with riptide 80A bushings.

Randal 125/35 DH rear truck.

Orangatang wheels - 80mm Kegel. Durometer medium (80A) or soft (77A).

World Record Builtin style G|Bearings.



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