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Poppy CNC Longboard trucks

Poppy CNC Longboard trucks


These Poppy CNC Longboardtrucks were designed specifically to fit our GBomb brackets. All were designed with input from our team riders. The 55 degree is a perfect fit for our DD series brackets. The 45 degree is a perfect fit for our SDF Fork. The 20 degree rear provides just the right amount of turn for big leverage and high speed pumps. Here are the specs from Don't Trip.


Hangers with spherical bearing.
125-131-137-143mm Adjustable

Bases - with spherical bearing pivot.
Front Fixed 45 for G/Bomb Superfork
Front Fixed 55 for DD Series
Rear Fixed 20 deg

Includes RipTide APS BushingsRipTide APS Pivot Tubes
Regular .6" BS and RS
Rake 6mm
Price is for 1 Truck

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