Juggernaut Carbon 26" Longboard complete

Juggernaut Carbon 26" Longboard complete


The Juggernaut C26 Longboard complete is the little brother to the Juggernaut X28 Longboard. With a 26 inch platform the little brother is couple inches shorter and dressed in the carbon fiber. High performance for the heavyweights out there. Take a set of our glass composite brackets and pair with our carbon fiber 26 inch. The light, and tight, composite brackets shorten the wheel base by about an inch from our aluminum series brackets. The result is a high performance, lively, and light ride for those Longboard riders in the 170 to 230lb range.


Longboard complete components include.

RII 150/50 front truck with riptide bushing upgrade for pumpablitiy.

RII 150/35 DH rear truck - configured by the Randal folks just for GBomb

Orangatang wheels - 80mm Kegel. Durometer medium (80A) or soft (77A).

World Record Builtin style G|Bearings.



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