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Juggernaut Xylem 28" 9 Ply Longboard complete

Juggernaut Xylem 28" 9 Ply Longboard complete


High performance Longboarding for the heavyweights out there. Take a set of our glass composite Longboard brackets and pair with our 9 ply Xylem platform. The light, and tight, composite brackets shorten the wheel base by about an inch from our aluminum series brackets. The result is a high performance, lively, and light ride for those riders tipping the scales well above 200lbs.


Longboard complete components include.

RII 150/50 front truck with riptide bushing upgrade for pumpablitiy.

RII 150/35 DH rear truck - configured by the Randal folks just for GBomb

Orangatang wheels - 85mm Caguama or 80mm Kegel. Durometer medium (80A) or soft (77A).

World Record Builtin style G|Bearings.



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