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DDR Longboard bracket

DDR Longboard bracket


The patented Precision CNC DDR (Deep Drop Regular) features infinite adjustability of Longboard truck angles from +13 (wedge) to -22 (dewedge). The light weight makes the DDR ideal as a rear bracket or a versatile front bracket. Like the DDS, the flowing curves of this bracket allow stresses to flow and bracket flex for performance and comfort. The shock pads at deck interface absorb even more road noise and comply to platform concave and camber to minimize stress. The ample wheel clearance welcomes even the largest of Longboard wheels, and the broad shoulder interface design is intended to handle abuse from heavy and aggressive Longboard riders.

Nylon Color

    DDR assembly includes all all hardware (as shown) for mounting the DDR to the platform and truck to the DDR.

    Mounting pattern for the platform is 2.125" (new school).

    Mounting pattern for the truck is 2.5" (old school).


    - Free shipping to the US by USPS Priority Mail.

    - International shipping for one or two bracket assemblies is $29.95 by USPS Priority Mail.

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