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C27 Plus

C27 Plus


Our C27 design but with an added 1.5mm of bamboo in the middle to accomodate riders with weights of 225 to 250 lbs with a extended TTX or TTA. Or, for riders that simply like a stiffer ride.


Here are all the details of the C27 design. We took our time developing the Carbon 27 (C27) to get the details dialed in. The result is the perfect complement for our glass drop composite bracket in front. The C27 has a mild camber and concave but with a twist. The front of the platform features a lip that that cradles your foot and tucks you in for maximum pumping power. The deck construction consists of a bamboo and maple 7 ply core with matte finish carbon fiber top and bottom. Flex is designed for riders up to 250 with a TT mounted fully extended (longest wheelbase). Platform Weight is 3 lbs. 3 oz.


Each C27 comes with a TPU shock pad that sandwiches tightly between the C27 and our composite bracket. The C27 shock pad maximizes the transfer of pumping energy from rider to truck and minimizes stress loads by sharing the stresses between the platform and bracket. Again, this deck and pad are is specifically designed to work with our glass drop composite drop bracket. We will be testing the deck with some of our other brackets but for now we only recommend for use with our glass drop brackets.


Also, we personally are skating 80mm Kegals on Poppy 55/143 as our wheel of choice. Clearances are intentionally tight for maximizing rider leverage. Of course, every rider should review setups for wheel-bite due to different details and riding styles.

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