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Engineers Mark at G|Bomb and Nicolai at Bossa teamed up to dial in these carbon fiber masterpieces of design and performance. The uncompromising quality and performance comes out when these longboard decks are flexed and pumped to the limits. Experience the pure energy return that only a well engineered and manufactured carbon fiber composite deck combined with premium brackets can deliver, over and over again, season after season. We are proud to have these longboard decks wearing the G|Bomb badge of quality.


This complete comes with Orangatang Kegal 80mm wheels. DDS bracket front paired with a Poppy 55 and the TTX Proto with Riptide 80A bushing confguration.


NOTE - Bossa decks include a grit infused resin finish on the top so grip is not needed.




    Platform - Bossa Carbon Fiber Rio Platform Light, Medium, or Firm Flex.

    Front DDS with Poppy CNC 125/55/SP (Spherical Bearings in Hanger and Pivot).

    TTX rear bracket with 80A bushings.

    Kegel 80mm 80A wheels with G|Bearings.

    Some customizations are available on request. Email 


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