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Adjustable Composite Bracket Set of 2

Adjustable Composite Bracket Set of 2


Bundle and Save.


Our Adjustable Composite Bracket is the first member of our longboard composite series and our most analytically intense, and engineered, bracket to date. The result is uncompromising robust performance and game changing value.


The Composite Bracket has 35mm of drop combined with 30 degrees of angle adjust (15 degrees of dewedge and up to 15 degrees of wedge). The fiberglass composite material has a density less than half of aluminum! At 240 grams the Glass Drop frame is 20% lighter than our aluminum alloy DD series. The molding process allows us to strengthen the structure by putting material where traditional metal working can't. The result is a high MOI (moment of inertia) to reduce bracket stresses that delivers a very responsive longboard ride with tight flex and tighter truck positioning than the DD aluminum series. The design positions the truck 11mm closer to the deck than the aluminum DD series to maximize pumping leverage, but still permits big wheels.

We have minimized the need for shock pads by integrating robust and compliant O-rings to protect the bracket and deck interface. With the addition of 2mm of riser at the truck the composite series brackets are Paris truck compatible. A recess down the center of the deck interface accommodates heavy concave platforms. Screws and nuts have also been recessed in pockets. This adds strength to the bracket and protects the fasteners from impacts.


Base model does not platform include screws. If selecting this, we recommend 1.25" truss head screws. These work for most platforms.


Heads up! The screw and nut recesses require a metal socket type wrench for assembly. These tools are fairly common, and the G-Key will work in a pinch. However, the bulky and cheaper plastic tools won't fit in the pockets.


Hanger Width

Since the composite series a bit wider, expect to run hangers around 140-150mm width or larger.

Nylon Color

    Drop: 35mm

    Angle Adjust Range: 30 Degrees (+15 Wedge to -15 Dewedge)

    Frame Weight: 225 grams (7.9 oz)

    Material: Glass Fiber in Engineered Polymer Matrix

    Color: Black

    Deck Interface: Silicone Pad with Concave Compliant Recess

    Truck Compatibility: Compatible with RKP and TKP trucks.

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