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G|Bomb Engineering and Design Services

Hi, this is Mark Groenenboom, the founder and engineer behind G|Bomb Longboards. I am a mechanical engineer and designer. Here is my resume’. My day job has included product design, engineering for tech companies, automation, tooling, and just some good old fashion mechanical design. The G|Bomb Distance Skating project began around 2005 as a hobby. Since then G|Bomb has changed the world of distance skating and along the way I have gained a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of product development. I always look forward to putting the knowledge to use helping others pursue their dreams.


Here I am getting my fourth 200 mile wheel at the 2018 Dutch Ultraskate. I was elated, exhausted, and sore.

dutch ultra.jpg

If you have a project, I offer consulting services. For me there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a good idea come to life. Got a good idea you want to invest in? How can I help? Let's have some fun moving your dream to reality. Contact me. I look forward to discussing the scope, schedule, and budget for your project. Here is some of what I offer.

Concept Development and Prototyping​

In addition to the G|Bomb designs seen here at this site, my mechanism designs are a part of millions of printers around the world. Through the countless design cycles, I have learned how to efficiently bring a concept from the design and test phase to manufacturing. I have done it in the corporate environment, and I have done it for G|Bomb on my own dime. No kickstarter, no investment capital. Just hard work, creativity, humility, and drive.

Transmission Rebuilding

Design for Manufacturing

The goal of the design process is to make something of value for your customers, and to manufacture it at a price that will keep you in business. I have experience with a vast variety of materials and processes. I also have experience with a wide variety of prototyping methods. I also have gained a solid understand of tooling costs, especially having invested my own money in tooling for G|Bomb.

Printer Ink Check


Finding good hardworking people to work with is not trivial. Over the years I have developed relationships with great folks that like to make stuff and make it right.  I have solid sources from local to international. It is always more fun to work local, but sometimes the bottom line means going overseas to get the right solution. The value of reliable sources that will deliver good parts at a good price cannot be overstated. I would love to put these great folks to work on your next great thing.

Laser Cut Steel

Website and Ecommerce

This G|Bomb site and all rendering and images are evidence of what we can provide for you and your product. We can take the computer models and bring them to life through beautiful renderings or animations as shown here. We also have experience with several web hosting and ecommerce platforms and make recommendations based on experience.

Intellectual Property

During my time working with G|Bomb, the Hewlett-Packard Company, Sigma Design, and as an engineering consultant, I had 11 inventions patented. These are mostly utility patents. I also have design patent experience, and experience with patenting internationally. I also have experience with defensive disclosures.

Patent Torsion Tail.png

I have worked with several patent attorneys, patent agents and patent artists. I have gained experience generating the basis for the patent art and claims. The patent process can be expensive, but I have learned many things on the engineering and design side that can help streamline the process to keep costs in check.

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