X24 Glass Drop Longboard Deck

X24 Glass Drop Longboard Deck


The X24 Glass Drop is where portability, meets classic style, meets composite Longboard bracket technology. The robust 7 ply Canadian Maple layup has black stained plies on the top and bottom. A clear coat finish keeps out moisture and adds some shine to highlight the grain. A classic and elegant Longboard deck.  Simple, compact, light, and cost effective. Maple is the constant in longboard deck construction because it has stood the test of time and proven itself as the perfect balance of weight, reliability, and other material properties. Flex is medium lively. Weight is light at just over a kilogram (2.3 lb).


Pair this Longboard platform with a couple of our ultra-light glass drops, and you have all the benefits of natural wood fibers under foot, and our patented G|Bomb composite Longboard bracket technology up front and in back. This LGF (long glass fiber) fiberglass base material has a tensile strength higher than most common aluminum alloys. Set your truck angles +/- 15 degrees with the patented GBomb design and you can dial in your ride for pumping, carving, pushing, or set it super tight to handle all those tight corners on campus or your commute.


Pro tip. Since the Longboardplatform is 60cm (23.6 inch), the glass drop brackets can be easily removed and the system legally meets the requirements as carry-on luggage on most, if not all, airlines. Don’t forget your skate tool. You may find yourself riding through the terminal on your X24 to catch your next flight. We dare you, but we won’t cover your bail if you end up in airport jail.


  • X24 Glass Drop Components

    X24 Platform

    • 7 Ply Canadian Hardrock Maple
    • 2.3 lb
    • 23.6 Inch
    • Gripped with GBomb Logo Grip

    Glass Drop Brackets (2X)

    • Patented LGF composite technology arch frame.
    • Nylon truck attach trim/interface.
    • 4x 70A Durometer O-rings for dewck interface.
    • Infinity Minor hardware set for deck attach.
    • Infinity Major hardware for truck attach.
    • +/- 15 degree truck adjustment.


  • Complete Components

    Completes include the following components.

    • RII 150/50 degree front truck

    • RII 150/35 degree rear truck

    • Kegel 80mm 80A wheels

    • World Record Built-in Style G|Bearings