Black Panther Composite

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The G|Bomb 26" Ultra Composite Platform. Military tough. Six ply maple sandwiched in co-mingled polypropolene and fiberglass. We compete to get this great material with the US military. This composite layup provides maximum rebound from deck flex while damping out high frequency vibrations of road noise. Lively, smooth, and comfortable. Possibly the perfect balance of performance, size, weight, comfort and robustness. The deck is intentionally wider in the waist where stresses are highest. This permits a thinner platform with weight under 3 lbs. Medium firm flex. 9.5" width.


Note - this awesome platform is discontinued due to the composite material skyrocketed in price. This is likely b/c the US military is buying it up, and we are not kidding about that. Since we can't continue carrying them we want them off our shelves and under your feet. If you snooze, you will lose.


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