TTX - Spherical Proto

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The TTX is our premier Torsion Tail. The final evolution after years of development. The TTX uses the highest fatigue resistant aerospace aluminum combined with teflon lined spherical bearings. This design provides the purest return of energy and centering to the tail of your pump. There is no loss from the squishing and rubbing of a bushing interface. The TTX assembly includes 4.25 degree shock pads to optimize your pump and smooth out vibrations. One infinity minor 1.5" and one 1.25" for deck attach. The two sizes resolve the thickness change in the shock pad. The high strength stainless steel axle sleeve adds strength without weight. Black anodized spacers cover the axle spacers are color coded for look and to distinguish from the axle spacers. CNC axle spacers serve to provide the precision compression of the tail legs and tensioning of the axle when the axle nut is tightened. These two 0.25" CNC spacers also provide adjustability to track width (center to center of the wheels). Top it off with GBomb G|Bearings FTW. Patent Protected and additional patents pending.

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