TTS-DDS Carbon 26 Longboard

TTS-DDS Carbon 26 Longboard


Want to go fast and far? Our Carbon 26 Longboard platform paired with our adjustable DDS front and cost effective TTS rear.  A high speed Longboard pumpers dream with all the pumping performance in an ultralight deck. The high torsional spring and light weight of the TT-S rear makes this a great high speed pumper and a very stable pusher. This board is happiest going 12-15 mph. If you are looking for a surfy cruise, this one is not for you. If you are looking for a win, or your personal best, this Longboard's deck has got game.


Longboard complete components included

- RII 150/50 Front Truck

- Upgraded Riptide Front Bushings

- Otang Kegel 80mm 80a Wheels

- G|Bomb World Record Built-In Bearings


Don't see the deck recipe you want? We can usually swap out components to your fit your style. Contact with your request and we will try our best to set you up.

Make it complete?
Front Truck Upgrade to Poppy 125/55 CNC
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