Push|Pump C26 with Fork Front


All the fun of our Push|Pump bracket configuration mounted to our
Carbon Fiber 26 inch platform. All the performance in a slightly more compact package. 


Is this the most responsive, comfortable, and reliable distance deck around? We believe so, and so will you. The iconic name says it all…a balance of pumpable and pushable distance fun. Our Carbon 26 platform paired with our SDF front fork and our DDR rear bracket. A match made in heaven. The Maple ply platform has stood the test of time and proved to be the most reliable and robust distance platforms available. The lively pop of the carbon fiber is combined with the most reliable maple ply core. A magical mixture of carbon, wood, and aluminum that deliver the pumpability and pushability you expect from a G|Bomb deck. Check out the video for what is possible with this deck.


Complete components include.

Bennet Vector front truck with riptide 80A bushings.

Randal 125/35 DH rear truck.

Orangatang wheels - 85mm Caguama or 80mm Kegel. Durometer medium (80A) or soft (77A).

World Record Builtin style G|Bearings.


Bracket Color
Add G|Bomb Logo Grip
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