G|Bomb Built-In Ceramic Bearings -Twofer Dealio

G|Bomb Built-In Ceramic Bearings -Twofer Dealio



Customers asked for it and G|Bomb responded. The result is the best of both worlds. Ceramic balls with presicion built-in covenience.  Designed and proven to go the distance and handle the side loads of pumping. All for a great price. 

  • Built-in Specs

    Our G|Bomb G|Bearings are engineered and constructed with all the reliability and durability of chrome steel. Then we add meticulous attention to the details that take a bearing from good to G|Bomb good. Here are the details.

    • Nylon cages are tough and won’t dent or bend like a metal cages.
    • Super-secret, low volatility, ultra-stable, synthetic lubrication is leveraged from the aviation industry for its high performance.
    • Rubber shields are reinforced with a metal backing to insure a clean roll.
    • Inner and outer shields to keep the lubricant in and dirt out.
    • Our precision built-in spacers are designed and toleranced to fit properly.
    • Same bearings used by elite skaters on around the world trips and to establish world records.