Push|Pump C26 Longboard complete with DDS Front

Push|Pump C26 Longboard complete with DDS Front


Want to go far and have fun? Our Push|Pump C26 DX Longboard has DD-Stubby front and DD-Regular rear will get you there. This Push|Pump Longboard recipe offers full adjustability, front and rear, to dial in the responsiveness to your pump style. And, the DD-Stubby front offers more wheel clearance and a bit more lively flex than the SDF fork model. So, this one loves the biggest of wheels. In addition, the fun flex of the DD alloy series Longboard brackets is something not achievable with stiff fork options. When paired with RKP Longboard trucks, this deck can be geared lower for more more powerful, lower speed, pumping that is not possible with a zero degree rear. Then, with a quick adjustment, truck angles can be adjusted for higher speeds on race day. Verstaility, flexibility, and fun.


Longboard complete components included

- RII 125/50 Front Truck

- Upgraded Riptide Front Bushings

- RII 125/35 Rear Truck

- Otang Kegel 80mm 80a Wheels

- G|Bomb World Record Built-In Bearings


Don't see the deck recipe you want? We can usually swap out components to your fit your style. Contact info@gbomblongboards.com with your request and we will try our best to set you up.

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