Go the distance! More than just pushing. This deck really puts you low to
the ground. Dial in the truck angles for your exact needs. The Deep Drop
G│BOMB brackets create an experience that is like no other. Not only
can you see the difference, you will feel it.

Bottom Graphics Not Displayed   Push Deck System ( Deck & Brackets Only )

Platform - G│BOMB FREEWILL  28" 9 ply Hard Maple
Front bracket – Patented Adjustable G│Bomb 35mm Deep Drop
Rear bracket – Patented Adjustable G│Bomb 35mm Deep Drop

Most trucks are compatible with our brackets. Here are just a few - Kahalani, Caliber, Randal R-II, Bear Grizzly 852's, REY(Death-REY), Tracker Fastrack, Gunmetal, Gullwing.

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